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Capitol Export Egypt has been created in 2015 by Several Busnisess men, with the purpose of developing sourcing and trading of mediteranean products. Throughout the years, the company keeped the same philosophy which is sourcing products throughout the world. But we have extended our range of products to species . We also created a quality department to secure our clients with quality and we have been certified IFS Broker. Traceability is an important tool for our company. Therefore, a quality process is implemented regarding our suppliers and our products Sea Sponge, Fish and Seafood around the world. Our suppliers are required to give us complete information regarding production, so that we are able to have sustainable quality. Our team is highly experienced and since years, we have established strong relationship with the suppliers all over the world, allowing us to get the first choice when our customers are looking for products that need individual specifications. We also created a quality department to secure our clients with quality. .

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763+ fruits, vegetables & lot more

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